Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sloppy Joe - Male & Female versions

I have become a pro at cooking healthy meals for myself, but when it comes to cooking for a man this can often be difficult. I try to find easy ways to make a full calorie version for him & a lighter one for myself without making two completely different meals.  

When I made Sloppy Joe's recently, I made a regular version with ground beef, onions & Manwhich sauce. And then, I took some of the meat into a separate pot & added tofu to my portion. This lowered the calories and kept the protein level high for myself. I also served my portion as an open faced sandwich to save on the calories from the white bun.  

Left: Man plate (Points Plus Value = 22)
Right: Woman plate (Points Plus Value =  10)

Up close of woman's plate

Up close of man's plate

How do you eat healthy while cooking for your boyfriend/husband or your entire family?


  1. what a great idea!! this is always tough for us, I'm usually too lazy to make any changes and just try to eat smaller portions. I usually cook for at least 4 people (even though only 2 are eating lol) and quickly set a hefty portion aside for lunch for Patryk but I would love to try and alter the recipe a bit to make a healthier lady version :)

    1. It's a tough battle when a man is around lol! I love food too much haha!

  2. Those look great. I love sloppy joes! Have you tried using lean ground turkey?

    Dana @

    1. I have but I find that men like beef better, so I try to switch it up.