Wednesday, May 22, 2013

National Chardonnay Day

A friend recently shared with me that May 23 is National Chardonnay Day!  I am not sure how I missed this in the past, seeing as this is the 4th annual one.  In honor of my love of wine and my particular favorite, I thought I would share my favorite Chardonnays.
Kendall Jackson Vintners Reserve
Robert Mondavi Private Selection
Crane Lake
Francis Coppola

Hmm, perhaps next year I should organize a Chardonnay tasting of every one's favorites in my home.  

Cheers and I hope you can all enjoy a nice cold glass of Chard this evening in honor of National Chardonnay Day!!!



  1. umm what?!!! how did I miss this?? I've been drinking Riesling for the past few years (the dry ones not the super sweet ones) but lately even those have been too sweet. Chardonnay is definitely also one of my faves, I will have to enjoy a glass before bed! lol


    1. Haha I know I was shocked myself. Have a nice weekend (at biwak! xoxo