Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bachelor Finale

I hosted a Bachelor viewing party on Monday night with a few of my best girl friends.  There is nothing better then getting friends together for drinks and apps to watch reality TV shows.  I love the added commentary that provides so much more laughter. 
In my personal opinion, I wasn't too impressed with this season.  I thought Sean was rather boring and he got rid of some of the better girls early on.  Don't get me wrong, I am sure Sean would make a great husband, but I am watching this show for entertainment purposes not to see a sweet guy always do the right and noble thing.  On that note, I will say Tiara Sparkle was a fun little treat to have around.  I love when "the crazy" girl gets to stay on for longer then necessary, it really makes watching these kinds of shows AMAZING!  I was also shocked at the dresses the girls were wearing at the finale.  I have never seen them be dressed so similarly and out of style.  And wasn't it ironic that Catherine had on the gold (first place) dress and Lindsay had on the silver (second place) dress....hmmmm. 
In addition to gushing with girlfriends about the show, I love being cheesy and festive about food when I host get togethers.  So for this occasion, I made rose and champagne shaped cookies.  I used cookie cutters from Sur La Table, the champagne ones can be seen here.  The recipe I used was really simple and very tasty.  I baked the cookies and then decorated them the following day with store bought cream cheese frosting and colored sprinkles.  Served with pink champagne, they were a hit and the entire plate was devoured.       

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  1. I've never seen the show but I love that you made little rose cookies, lol :)